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Have you ever stopped and thought about what it truly means to be the "God of Abraham"? I know I have. It's a journey filled with promises and transformations, just like the lyrics from Naomi's song "Promises" say: "God of Abraham, God of covenant, and of faithful promises."


Diving deeper into discipleship—from Abram to Abraham is all about understanding what it means when God changes our name—not just walking in our flesh, but in our spirit. 


🏞️ The Call of Abraham (Genesis 12): Join us as we unravel Abraham's call to leave his homeland and follow God's leading to a land of promise. Discover why Abraham's courageous step of faith holds relevance for us today as we navigate our own paths of obedience and trust in God's guidance.


🌈 God's Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15): Delve into the covenant God made with Abraham and the profound symbolism behind sealing it through sacrifice. Learn how God's unwavering faithfulness to His promises inspires us to lean on His provision and guidance in our daily lives.


🙏 Abraham's Intercession for Sodom (Genesis 18): Explore Abraham's bold intercession on behalf of Sodom and the profound lessons it imparts about prayer and justice. Uncover the significance of standing in the gap for others and advocating for righteousness in our communities.


⚔️ The Binding of Isaac (Genesis 22): Reflect on the ultimate test of Abraham's faith as he obeys God's command to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. Discover how Abraham's resolute obedience challenges us to prioritize our relationship with God above all else, even in moments of profound sacrifice.


🌅 The Faithfulness of God: Experience the enduring faithfulness of God as we journey alongside Abraham through moments of doubt and testing. Explore how Abraham's story serves as a powerful testament to God's unyielding love, inspiring us to remain steadfast in our own faith journeys.


This workbook offers a holistic approach to discipleship, encompassing Scripture study, reflective exercises, personal application, interactive elements, and prayer. Journey through the following features:


  1. Scripture Study: Dive deep into the passages chronicling Abram's journey to becoming Abraham, gaining insights into the power of faith, obedience, and divine transformation.
  2. Reflection and Questions: Thought-provoking reflections and questions prompt introspection, helping you apply the lessons learned from Abram's story to your own journey of faith and identity transformation.
  3. Personal Application: Practical application sections guide you in translating biblical principles into actionable steps, empowering you to walk confidently in your new identity in Christ.
  4. Word Search: Engage your mind and spirit with a word search activity featuring key themes and concepts from the workbook, reinforcing your understanding of biblical truths.
  5. Prayer: Deepen your connection with God through prayer prompts and meditations, surrendering your fears, doubts, and uncertainties as you embrace His transformative work in your life.

Deeper into Discipleship: Abram to Abraham a Genesis Bible Study Workbook

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